climate change & christians : ch.1, p.5

continuing through the very beginning, narrowing the dissertation’s focus for the reader… is it working?

“The inherent complexities of ecological conditions is perhaps nowhere more clearly illustrated than in global climate change. The magnitude and severity of threats posed by global climate change make mitigating policies imperative (REFS: IPCC, US NAS, International insurance adjusters, & US military assessments). Reliance on natural resources that contribute to climate change for production substances to drive economic growth turns policymakers simultaneously away from it. Environmental movements use public concern about climate change to pressure policymakers, but face challenges in broadening the social bases of their support among large segments of the population. Meanwhile vocal skeptics and representatives of business interests doubt climate science and argue for certainty as a criterion for policy action (REFS). Given such complexity, individuals are likely to rely on their own cultural resources and experts when making decisions about the nature of climate change, its effects, and calls by climate protection advocates to support government actions for addressing it. Highly religious people, for example, may draw on their religious doctrines as they form their perceptions of the existence and threat posed by global climate change.”


Climate Change is no joke.

Climate Change is no joke. (Photo credit: hmcotterill)


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