social construction, environmental concern

ch.2, ec-p.7 – identifying the value and utility of the sociological social construction approach to social  problems for examining public opinion and concern about environmental problems…

“Among the many challenges faced by analysts of public environmental concern (Dunlap and Jones, 2002), the fact that an individual’s views vary over time makes the social constructionist view on social problems advantageous. The relevance of environmental problems to different kinds of people and social groups also varies (Freudenburg, 1991). Although explorations of environmentalism’s social bases offer cross-sectional and longitudinal snapshots, they cannot fully explore the social processes in which ecological conditions are defined as problematic. This failure includes revealing the cultural resources and social factors such as religious tenets that shape people’s perceptions of ecological conditions.”



  1. Thank you for linking to my blog post. The interaction on religion and environmentalism is a complex and tricky one, and I am working on another essay about it. My research on prior work done on the subject has shown how little I do know about their relationship. If you want I can send you a list of the books I have been reading on the topic.

    • indeed it is! would love to see your book list, thanks for the offer. let me know when you finish your next essay or post it in case i miss it.

      • Hello, I finished my essay; it’s about Religious Environmentalism in Singapore. but I am not very proud of it, so I don’t think I will be posting it up just yet. Also, I noticed your focus is narrowed to evangelical Christianity and many of my sources come from other religions, so I don’t know how relevant they are to you. Nevertheless, I can forward you a copy of my essay for your reading if you’re interested. Do you have an email address?

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