in the beginning

ch.2, ec-p.9 – introductory opening paragraph for extended discussion of religion-environmental concern literature…

“As scholarly interest in environmental concern grew through the years, public opinion surveys sometimes showed expressions of environmental concern and policy support corresponding with religion or religious characteristics (Gallup 2003). A few analysts began exploring this connection, with research increasing slowly from the late 1970s. It now occurs more regularly, focusing on the ways in which religious adherents express environmental concern and their distribution across religious groups. Sometimes the views of religious people are compared with those of non-religious persons. Other analyses make inter- and intra-denominational or theological comparisons, or examine variations in the environmentalism associated with major religious traditions. Finally, some work examines the views on resource depletion and pollution held by various religious groups and individuals with strong religious commitments or social identities. APPENDIX 2.X presents the samples, quantitative or qualitative methodology, and primary measures of religion and environmental concern for most known existing research.”



English: Pie chart of the religious groups in ...

English: Pie chart of the religious groups in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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