dominion belief and environmental concern

ch.2, ec-p.15 – significance of religious-based dominion beliefs for expressions of less or lower concern about environmental quality and support for increased protection of ecosytems among christians generally…

“Early explorations by Hand and Van Liere (1984) of the role of religion relying on the New Ecological Paradigm survey framework contended, as White did, that in the US a “mastery-over-nature” orientation prevails among people more committed to “Judeo-Christian” religions compared to those less committed or non-Christian. Later efforts focused on specific religious and theological beliefs conceptualized as “dominion” beliefs. More strongly held dominion belief significantly corresponds with less environmental concern for religious individuals (Wolkomir, Futreal, Woodrum, and Hoban 1997). Religious conservatives are “more likely to emphasize dominion over nature than other Protestants” (Hayes and Marangudakis 2001). When aggregated, however, denominational differences in dominion belief do not correspond with variations in environmentalism expressed by Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and non-Judeo-Christians (Wolkomir, Woodrum, Futreal, and Hoban 1997).”




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