biblical literalism, inerrancy, & environmentalism

ch.2, ec-p.16 – how measures of people’s religious beliefs about the bible correspond with different expressions of environmental concern…

“For other analysts, biblical literalism and inerrancy stands as a proxy for dominion beliefs. These entail quantitative measures of people’s agreement that the Bible “is the inspired actual word of God”, “must be taken literally word for word”, or “is without error in its original writings”. In the US, those with more literal biblical views express less willingness to “spend money on the environment” (Greeley 1993). Conservative Protestants and biblical literalists are “significantly less apt to report political or private environmental behaviors” (Sherkat and Ellison 2007). Those with stronger biblical literalism beliefs do hold more anthropocentric views toward nature, but their regard for scripture does not correspond with their self-reported pro-environmental behavior (Schultz, Zelezny, and Dalrymple 2000).”



English: The Bible

English: The Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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